Idle Construction 3D

Green Panda Games

Idle Construction 3D is a construction-based idle game developed by Homebrew Games. Players take on the role of a builder to construct dream homes and buildings in a colorful, blocky 3D world. The aim of the game is to create beautiful structures while earning coins and rewards to purchase new blocks and materials. As players progress through the game, they will face various challenges along the way such as construction deadlines, limited resources, and an ever-growing list of demands from customers.

Idle Construction 3D consists of multiple levels in which the player must build to their hearts content. In the beginning, players are given a choice between two different building tools, both of which have varying levels of complexity. For example, the basic toolkit gives players access to basic blocks and materials, while the advanced one provides access to more advanced building materials such as steel beams and elevators. The goal is to utilize the tools provided and complete objectives in each level in order to unlock new items and progress further in the game.

Aside from simply constructing buildings, the game has a number of activities in which players can take part. Players can complete side missions such as rescuing stranded animals or rescuing stolen items. There is also a mode that allows players to compete against others online to create the most impressive structures and gain coins and rewards.

The graphics in Idle Construction 3D are quite pleasing and the game runs smoothly on most devices. In addition, the music and sound effects

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