Facebook We’re in the midst of a pandemic, and it can be hard to keep our spirits up. Many of us are feeling isolated and disconnected from friends and family. To help us get through tough times like these, it’s important to have community and to stay connected, so I wanted to take a moment to share some tips for staying connected with those we love during this difficult time.

First and foremost, reach out to your loved ones. Talk to them, ask them how they’re doing, see if there’s anything you can do to help. Even if you’re not able to physically be with them, you can still check in and offer your support.

Next, take advantage of technology. Social media, video chat, and text messaging allow us to stay in touch even if we can’t be together. If you’re feeling lonely or isolated, try setting up an online chat or game night with friends and family. You can also watch a movie together using streaming services like Netflix Party.

Another great way to stay connected is through shared activities. If you’re alone, try starting a project like baking or gardening; this will give you something to focus on, and maybe you’ll even have something to share with your loved ones when you’re finished. If you’re with other people, try doing something physical together like a virtual

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