Wolfoo Making Crafts -Handmade


Wolfoo Making Crafts -Handmade Wolfoo loves to craft and make things. He wants to make a fun and colorful suncatcher he can hang in his window. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a DIY suncatcher with Wolfoo.

First, gather the materials needed to make a suncatcher. You will need some clear contact paper, craft scissors, small pieces of colored tissue paper, a craft stick or paddle pop stick, a hole punch, and a piece of ribbon.

Next, cut a large heart shape out of the contact paper. Then, cut lots of different colored pieces of tissue paper into small squares.

Then, it’s time to get creative! Place the small squares of tissue paper onto the heart shape contact paper in whatever design you prefer. When complete, make sure all the squares are stuck firmly to the contact paper.

Next, use the hole punch to make a hole in the top of the contact paper heart. Finally, thread one end of the ribbon through the hole and tie it securely in a knot.

Now, take the craft stick or paddle pop stick and place the suncatcher onto it so the ribbon hangs down from the bottom. This will allow the suncatcher to be hung in a window.

To hang the suncatcher in the window, put a hook into the ceiling above the window, as well as another hook below the window. Thread the ribbon through both

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