Call of Duty: Mobile Review

The free-to-play shooter game, Call of Duty: Mobile, was released on October 1, 2019. According to Activision, it is one of the largest mobile game launches in history. In just one year, it generated over US$480 million in revenue and 270 million downloads. Let’s take a closer look at the game’s features. Read on to discover our top tips for playing the game on mobile!


In this Call of Duty: Mobile review, we’ll discuss the game’s monetization model, COD Points. Unlike many other free-to-play mobile games, COD Points are not used for energy meters and you won’t have to watch video advertisements between matches. We’ll also look at the game’s user-friendliness. While the game’s graphics are high, it’s not overly demanding, and it’s a good fit for mobile phones.

While the game’s multiplayer mode is a great way to get a taste of the classic Call of Duty experience on a tablet or phone, it does suffer from limited-screen real estate. Despite the lack of physical controllers, virtual buttons don’t bog down the experience. Instead, the game uses a smart control scheme that works well with touchscreens. Call of Duty: Mobile is fun for those who love to play online and enjoy playing on the go.


You’ll have plenty of options when choosing weapons and explosives in Call of Duty: Mobile. Besides the usual rifles, pistols, and shotguns, you can choose from an assortment of scopes, grenades, and more. Making smart choices will change the gameplay. And it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra weapons on hand. After all, you’re going to be using them to fight the bad guys!

There are a variety of weapons in Call of Duty: the shotgun, AK117, and DLQ33. Each of these weapons offers different benefits to the players. While shotguns have poor fire rates, they are effective in close-range combat. They have decent damage and accuracy and are surprisingly flexible. The Echo is a popular shotgun. Marksman rifles, on the other hand, have less damage, but can move quickly. A good example of a marksman rifle is the SP-R 208.


The Medic is the most underrated class in COD Mobile battle royale. The Medic has little mobility but is great for helping a team recover their health and revive teammates. Medics are also useful in preserving ammo as their perks can restore a teammate’s health to 100% more quickly. In addition to this perk, Medics can heal other team members at a faster rate than most other classes.

A zombie’s passive ability, Dead Silence, can be very useful, as it will prevent your enemies from hearing you walk. This is useful in COD: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode since enemies will be able to see your footsteps on the minimap, making it difficult for you to hear them. Besides reducing your enemies’ hearing range, Dead Silence also lowers their damage. That way, your team can attack any enemy without them knowing where you are.

Battle Royale mode

If you’ve played any of the other Call of Duty games, then you’ve most likely encountered the battle royale mode. This new feature in Call of Duty: Mobile has players rotate between four classes in an attempt to kill all the enemies. The battle royale mode requires players to choose the correct class based on their playstyle and abilities. Once they’ve selected a class, they can then set the attachments for their weapons. Vehicles can also be a good option, as they can rotate back to the safe zone.

Another new mode will feature a smaller, more intense Battle Royale environment. This mode will release in Season One 2021 of CoD: Mobile. Players will land in a small area with a limited number of enemies and resources. Then, they’ll need to kill as many enemies as they can before the time runs out. The match will last a few minutes instead of an entire day and only contain 40 players.


In Call of Duty: Mobile, there are many perks that you can use to your advantage. The Quick Recovery perk increases your health replenishment rate by 35%. This is a crucial ally in close combat and can help you survive a flurry of explosives. Body Armor reduces the damage caused by explosives. This perk requires 36 LVL to unlock. Perks for Call of Duty: Mobile can help you avoid enemy spawning areas, too.

The Toughness perk, which reduces enemy flinching by 60%, is another useful perk. This perk makes players faster and harder to hit. The vulture perk, on the other hand, reduces the time it takes to aim after sprinting. It also reduces the time it takes to recover health after killing an enemy. Perks such as Fast Recovery and Agile also increase the speed at which you can mantle objects.


As a new player, you may be wondering what upgrades are available for your weapons and equipment. In this guide, we’ll explain what upgrades you can make for your character and what they do, so you can maximize your enjoyment of the game. In addition, we’ll explain how to make upgrades for the Desperado class, a new class that’s exclusive to BR mode. This new class will allow you to specialize in one of many different areas.

In Call of Duty: Mobile, you can upgrade your weapons to get better and more powerful. To do this, you need to find the perfect XP card combination. Each weapon has six to ten levels, and each level unlocks a different attachment. Once you’ve chosen the right XP card combination, you can tap on the “Upgrade” button to choose the next level of your weapon. After you’ve finished upgrading, you’ll be able to purchase stronger guns and armor.

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