SlotoTerra – Vegas Slot Casino

SlotoTerra – Vegas Slot Casino is the slot machine game for the mobile gamer.

Slot machines usually have the reputation of play and forget due to the auto spin function most titles have. You play and leave your device until either you run out of attempts, or you break your bank. SlotoTerra deviates from that norm by making the player play more rather than sit and wait.

Before we dig deeper into that, let’s get some of the basics out of the way. Controls-wise, you still have your spin and bet adjustment buttons. Auto spin is activated by holding the spin button until you see a pulsing light. Similar titles will let you regulate how many times you want to bet before stopping. You’d have to make do with hoping to level up, running out of Coins, or receiving an offer pop-up, for the auto function to stall.

Game progression is tied to player level. Higher levels unlock slot machines with bigger prizes and more winning gimmicks. A pop-up showing the newly-discovered game will appear. You’ll have the option of playing or paying attention to it later.

There’s a game feature that will make you play the game rather than watch slots and reels turn. Depending on the chosen slot machine, a skill-based mini-game is unlocked at random times. Mazes, obstacle courses, and logic puzzles await the player brave enough to take on the challenge. What you’d usually get is a sum big enough to get more minutes of play out of a slot machine.

You’d also come across the quest system. These are time-limited missions you can complete to get you more coins and VIP points. This is one of few titles where you can earn VIP privileges by simply playing often. You can link your Facebook account and view who among your friends plays the same game. Other social functions include scoring tournaments based on the slot machine you’ve chosen to play.

Wrapping this up, SlotoTerra – Vegas Slot Casino is a game that promises more excitement the longer you are active in it.

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