Hungry Shark Evolution

Dominate the seas and eat everything in sight in Hungry Shark Evolution. Get to play as a top predator in this action-filled single-player game where you can control different kinds of sharks and take on other creatures in the deep. Have some fun unlocking items that you can equip your monster and gain additional effects. The graphics are in 3D with cool designs and smooth animations that make the gaming experience awesome.

Controlling your character in Hungry Shark Evolution is easy as you just need to tap on the screen once and then drag your finger to the location of where you wish to go. If you want to get a quick boost of speed, just press anywhere and the red bar below your hp will start to be drained as your creature then swims furiously for a while. Aside from that, there are no other buttons to tap so you can focus properly on your shark as the bonuses such as gold rush are activated automatically for you. No need to memorize complicated gestures nor spend time looking at a skill bar to tap when it gets full.

Each run in Hungry Shark Evolution is basically endless as there is no time constraint applied. You have to be wary of your life bar and that’s just about it. It will only decrease when your hunger is too much if you get hit by any attacking creature, or you get damaged by any man-made things. There is also the poison effect by the jellyfish and other sources of fire from underwater volcanoes. So you better keep your eyes open as you swim around.

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