Mortal Kombat

Always wanting to know how the Mortal Kombat world would play if it were a collectible card RPG? Then this mobile app answers your question – at least most of what matters to you.

Make no mistake. Changes in the game presentation are no less visceral than the console or arcade counterparts. The game makes use of the lore where you are given the chance to play either of the named characters across several incarnations. In case you want a challenge and to be unique, you’ll be given the chance to play any of the unnamed mooks and extras from the games.

How you will play these characters? Get their cards. You’ll need 3 characters to form your first team. This is where many RPG mechanics are going to be found. Cards are divided into 4 rarities. Bronze and silver ones are quite easy to obtain with consistent play. Gold and Diamond cards are given as event quest rewards or you need to buy them from the in-game shop. Getting cards from the shop is done in two ways. You can try your luck by purchasing card packs that get you a random fighter and other goods. Shell out a considerable sum to buy characters right out of the store in case playing with RNG is not your thing. You’ll also be gearing up and training your Kombatants to utilize their fullest potential.

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