What Is QuickShortcutMaker?

If you want to create shortcuts to your favorite apps, the QuickShortcutMaker application will help you do just that. The app shows a list of your apps and activities, including the latest activity. While you can make shortcuts to any application, you may encounter an error when adding a setting to the shortcut maker. If you want to try the application before purchasing it, click on the “Try” button. QuickShortcutMaker only takes up two MB of storage space.

App menu

The QuickShortcutMaker app menu allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite apps and features. It is also possible to create shortcuts to hidden settings. This app works with Cyanogenmod Launcher3 and is available in multiple languages. It searches for apps and displays details about the apps in the language of your choice. Once you’ve created your shortcut, you can customize its appearance by adding a title, description, and icon.

The QuickShortcutMaker app menu allows you to change the appearance of your shortcuts. This app is great for people who like to change the look of their applications frequently. Users can also customize the name and icon of an application, which will be displayed on the QuickShortcutMaker app menu. It works in Android 4.0 and higher. It’s recommended to install it on both Android and iOS devices.

Sort Result feature

The Sort Result feature of QuickShortcut Maker is a useful addition to the app. It can be used to order the list of applications by name, from A-Z. Sorting by name is a simple and effective way to speed up your search. The application’s search history can save frequently searched applications for future use. You can customize the settings for this list to suit your needs.

Once you have installed the app, you can choose which activities you wish to create shortcuts for. Once you have chosen the list, you can edit its name and create a shortcut. You can even choose different types of shortcuts and arrange them according to your preference. You can create multiple shortcuts for the same activity. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The QuickShortcutMaker app is a free download in the Google Play Store.

Low-memory model

You can select a low-memory model of QuickShortcutMaker to keep the application from crashing. The app uses less memory, which is beneficial when you have limited storage space. You can use the app to search for shortcuts, filter search results, and view history. It is compatible with tablets, so you can choose a low-memory model to keep your device from crashing.

You can download the APK from your browser and install it on your device. It may take a few seconds to install on your phone, so you should allow enough time for it to download. You may want to set the permissions for this application in the settings to make it more secure. In addition, you should allow QuickShortcutMaker to run in the background if you want to keep it in your app drawer.

Compatible with all Android gadgets

The QuickShortcutMaker application is a great tool for making shortcuts for any task on your gadget. The program is small in size and will not take up much space on your device. It runs without consuming a lot of assets from your gadget and only requires them when you need them. You won’t notice that the application is active when you’re not using it. Therefore, the app is compatible with all gadgets running on Android.

This application can be used as an app menu, enabling you to open the desired app without holding it. You just need to click on the app you want and the application will open directly on your gadget. To try out the application, simply click the Try button, listed in the first position. With QuickShortcutMaker, uninstalling apps is a breeze. Moreover, cleaning your gadget’s storage will be much easier.

Customizable interface

It allows you to customize the app icons and the menu interface. It offers many languages and can be customized to suit your needs. In addition, you can easily change the names of the apps in the app. And you can even add hidden functions. With QuickShortcutMaker, you’ll never have to search for the right shortcut to access your most-used apps. It is an all-in-one solution for Android users.

The app offers an easy-to-use, customizable interface that helps you adapt to its many features. You can view your home page, your applications, tasks, and files in one place. The customizable interface makes it easy to organize your shortcuts and interact with them smoothly. The application also makes it easy to create shortcuts for apps you frequently use. To customize it, simply tap the “Customize” button on the interface of the application.

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