Coin Cats

– Short Story

Once upon a time there lived two cats deep in the forest. One was named Alice and the other was named Bob. They were good friends and would often go on adventures together.

One day, they were walking through the forest when they came across an old, abandoned house. They had never seen it before, so they were curious to explore. As they entered, they found an old chest with a strange lock on it. Inside the chest were hundreds of coins!

Alice and Bob knew they had stumbled upon a treasure. They could hardly believe their luck and started to plan how to carry the coins back home. They tried using their claws, but it didn’t work. They then decided to use the pieces of string they found in the house to tie the coins together.

With a little bit of effort, Alice and Bob were able to craft a large bundle of coins and hoist it on their backs. On their way home, they stopped several times to rest and admire their loot. Eventually they made it back to their cozy home in the forest.

Alice and Bob thought long and hard about how best to spend their newfound wealth. They decided to start a business together and called it “Coin Cats.” The business sold coins of all sizes and shapes from all over the world.

Alice and Bob used their coins to buy supplies for their shop, as well as for food and other necessities. Over time, their business became very successful

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