from Stephen Grover Cleveland to President Benjamin HarrisonDecember 17, 1890Dear President Harrison,

I am writing with the hope that you will consider my comments on the issue of free silver. As you and I know, this has been a contentious issue of late and I am hoping to offer insight and guidance for your pursuit of a resolution.

I believe that the United States cannot endure with a bi-metallic monetary system when so much of the world is on a gold standard. To rely heavily on silver in such a context would be a dangerous and unreliable path to prosperity. The implications are far reaching and could mean economic ruin for generations.

At the same time, I understand the appeal to advocates of silver and the political power they can wield. I encourage consideration of public opinion when considering legislation on the matter. People are weary of economic depression and unemployment and they seek solutions. They must be heard and their concerns acknowledged.

But it is my opinion that if the United States were to endorse a bi-metallic standard or otherwise abandon the gold standard, it would be a dire mistake. Even if the immediate effects are pleasing, inflation and fluctuations would only worsen our economic prospects, making stabilization more challenging.

Therefore, I propose a deliberative approach towards free silver. To be sure, open and honest dialogue with advocates, as well as acknowledgment of their concerns can go a long way towards constructive compromise. Additionally, adequate education of the public about the potential risks and benefits

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