Examples of Free PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids is a brand of children’s programming aired by the Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. This brand encompasses most of the children’s programming produced and transmitted by PBS member stations. However, some children’s shows produced by PBS are not transmitted on public television. In order to offer the best programming to children, PBS offers free learning games. Here are some examples of free games: Free learning games Parents, get ready for some free games! Free PBS Kids games will be the perfect way to get your little ones to learn about their favorite shows and characters! Download the app today to start playing! With over 100 games available, your kids will have hours of fun playing! You can find games for all ages, including those for kids as young as two! The app has games from popular shows, including Arthur, Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train, and Pinkalicious! Scribbles and Ink: Kids will love the multi-platform game, which lets them create pets and travel to faraway places! Xavier Hero Maker: Children can continue learning about famous historical figures from “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.” They can choose their own avatar, name him, and even create a motivational poster for him! All of the PBS Kids games are free to download on your iOS or Android device, and you can find them in the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore! Characters from popular PBS shows If you’ve ever wondered how to introduce computer games to young children, you may be surprised to find out that it’s possible to do it with PBS kids games. Featuring characters from popular PBS shows, these games encourage your little ones to play as the characters they’ve grown to love. These games allow your child to practice math and computer skills while playing with brightly colored, cartoon characters. These games include educational games, videos, and quests based on the characters of your child’s favorite PBS shows. Children will love to learn about science and math with characters they already know and love. These free games are also fun and educational – they can help your child with basic math and reading skills while playing. PBS has many different educational games to choose from, and your child is sure to find one they enjoy! Explanations of physics principles With an emphasis on science education, PBS Kids offers learning games and apps that make physics principles simple and fun to understand. These games allow kids to put physics concepts to use and manipulate them in real life. In a fun and interactive way, PBS Kids can help kids understand complicated theories and concepts such as weather and shadows. Kids will enjoy manipulating weather conditions and the effects of light and shadows using the games and apps.
Using games, children can learn about potential and kinetic energy. Paper circuit boards make it easy to create different types of circuits and learn about conductivity. Other games focus on energy transfer and potential, like the Guess the Can game for sound energy. Children can also learn about gravitational energy and gravitational force using guessing games with various objects. As a fun way to teach kids about physics, you can pair these games with a simple science lesson, such as drawing a diagram of gravity. Social skills Parents can find many ways to help their children develop their social-emotional skills through the PBS children’s programming. The “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” games and videos promote healthy mental habits, such as perspective-taking and self-control. Even children with autism can benefit from the lessons taught in “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” games. The games teach children to cooperate, share, and express themselves effectively. The PBS Kids website offers over 100 free learning games that feature familiar PBS characters. Parents can find games for all skill levels and interests, and their preschoolers will be entertained for hours. In addition to engaging your child in social skills, they will also help them learn about science, language, cooperation, and creativity. All games are free to download and can be found under the appropriate categories. Some games are geared for preschoolers, while others are for older children.

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