Shadow Fight 2 Game Review

Shadow Fight 2 is a role-playing fighting game that was released by Cyprus-based company Nekki. It was developed by Banzai. Games and soft-launched on October 22, 2013. The game was released worldwide on May 1, 2014, for iOS and Android. In this article, we’ll discuss the game’s story, fighting mechanics, RPG elements, Unblockable attacks, and more. It’s hard to say which aspects of the game are the best.


The storyline in Shadow Fight 2 takes its inspiration from traditional Far Eastern cultures. You play as the protagonist, Shadow. Once a legendary warrior, he accidentally opened the Gates of Shadows, a portal to another realm. There, six powerful demons were unleashed. These demons destroyed Shadow’s physical body and caused mayhem and destruction throughout the world. You must help him defeat these demons and return the world to a peaceful state.

The game starts with a magical start when the main character opens the Gates of Shadows. After he loses his body, he tries to find an opponent in a simulated world and defeat them. His quest to defeat daemons and other fearful creatures led him into the world of gaming. The game goes on from that point. The story takes players through three different endings, each depending on how the player chooses to complete the missions.

Fighting mechanics

The combat in Shadow Fight 2 involves balancing offense and defense. If you’re in close quarters, you can throw your opponent by hitting the punch button. Otherwise, you can move forward or backward and throw instead. As for the offense, the key is to balance the power of your attack and your opponent’s defense. If you’re trying to dominate the game, use your skills to win.

The game’s combat is not fast-paced, which means it focuses on timing and positioning. While you’re fighting, you should watch your opponent closely and wait for opportunities to attack. Sometimes, your opponent will try to pin you in a corner, but you can escape with a well-placed roll. It’s also important to take into account positioning while evasive maneuvers. After evasive maneuvers, your opponent becomes more vulnerable.

RPG elements

The 2D fighting game Shadow Fight 2 has both RPG and fighting elements. Its RPG elements allow the player to customize their character’s attributes. They can also equip powerful weapons and armor to enhance their combat skills. They can also learn and use spells to defeat opponents. The gameplay is also highly addictive. The game has received more than 100 million downloads across all platforms. But with so many different aspects to it, the game is still not without its flaws.

The combat/fighting RPG element makes this game very unique. Players are required to upgrade their equipment and think lateral to survive the various battles. Everything that was in the Special Edition is included in Shadow Fight 2. You can also play against a huge array of rivals, fighters, and demons. While some people may prefer the Special Edition, Shadow Fight 2 has everything you’ve been looking for in a fighting game.

Unblockable attacks

Blocking and parrying are two fundamental combat skills that allow you to block and parry attacks in Shadow Fight 2. However, you must note that there are some key differences between these two types of attacks. Blocking an enemy attack will break their defense, but parrying will let you follow up with a heavier attack. An enemy’s attack will not be unblockable if you can parry it.

MK11 Raiden is capable of counterattacking a player’s opponent with a basic attack while having a 50% chance to stun them. His scream also applies to Weaken to the opponent for three seconds. In addition, he has a 50% chance to apply Shield Break to any Special Attack. If his teammate is killed, he can tag in and perform a Fatal blow attack. MK11 teammates can resist Stun and gain 25% unblockable attacks.

Survival mode

The game modes in Shadow Fight 2 are Tournaments, Survival, Boss Fights, and Incubator. These modes have their own unique rules and gameplay mechanics, but they may also share some of the same elements. In Act I, you can play Survival by completing the first six stages of the Tournament. This mode is easy enough for anyone to complete, but it is not a recommended leveling-up strategy.


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